1. Software Integrity

2. Tolerance Analysis

3. Casting & Welding Simulation

1. Software Integrity

2. Tolerance Analysis

3. Casting & Welding Simulation

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Let Sentio Be Your Sherpa

Offering you the right IT products ...

Siemens #1 in Digital Transformation

Sentio Technologies is proud to partner with Siemens Digital Industries which offers - the #1  company in Engineering Solutions.

Siemens offers solutions which blur the line between the real and virtual prototyping bringing Tomorrow's Design, Engineering and Manufacturing to you Today.

With its legendary products like NX CAD-CAM-CAE, Teamcenter PLM, Simcenter Simulation, Mentor EDA, Polarion ALM, Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing and Solid Edge Siemens helps companies in their journey towards Digital Twin, Industry 4.0, AI, E-Mobility, Additive Manufacturing or MBSE.

Zendesk #1 Help Desk CRM

Sentio Technologies is proud to partner with Zendesk - the #1 Help Desk CRM company.

Zendesk offers two suites: Support Suite and Sales Suite.

Zendesk is an Omni Channel platform providing seamless Customer Experience across Email, Chat, Voice or Social Networks.

Customers have an option to set it up as a smart self service application for their customers or an internal help desk for their employees also.

3DCS #1 in Dimensional Engineering

Sentio Technologies is proud to partner with Dimensional Control Systems to provide 3DCS software, the world's leading Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis Solution.

3DCS software is used by top OEMs in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Medical Device, and Heavy Machinery industries.

3DCS is available as a CAD integrated app or as a stand-alone CAD neutral platform. This allows users to either work directly in their CAD system, or seamlessly with any CAD software like NX, CATIA, CREO, or SOLIDWORKS. This provides easy incorporation of 3DCS into any modeling process.


3DCS provides advanced analysis tools to analyze non-rigid assemblies, part distortions (due to thermal and mechanical loads like welding, forming, clamping, and resulting from motion), as well as complex processes such as hole patterns, sequence optimization, non-standard outputs, and gear contacts. 

Get It Right with ESI Group

Sentio Technologies is proud to partner with ESI Group France which offers some of the best CAE and Process Simulation Solutions.


ESI Group's world renowned products include IC.IDo (Virtual Reality), PAM-STAMP (Sheet Metal), PAM-COMPOSITE (Composites), VPS (Virtual Performance, Crash Simulation, Human Safety), OPENFOAM (CFD), SYSWELD (Welding) and PROCAST (Casting).

Offering you the right IT services ...

Sentio offers services in:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • CRM / HelpDesk

  • Business Intelligence

  • Engineering Solutions

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Business / IT Consulting

  • Product Implementation (Full / Modules)

  • Migration / Upgrade

  • Third Party Testing

  • Corporate Training

  • Application Maintenance

  • Business Support Services

  • Professional Services







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