Sentio has partnered with one of the world's best product companies - Zendesk which is a #1 company in Help Desk CRM Solution in the world.

Our partnership is as a Reseller Partner for selling and supporting their product suites which includes the following:

Zendesk Support Suite

Omni-channel: The Support Suite allows your team to work seamlessly, with a single set of tools and processes that work the same on any channel. And yes, we mean any channel: Email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, and more.

Customer Centric View: Zendesk is built to be open and flexible, so your team can connect all of your data sources and bring up the right information about your customers automatically. Best of all — it’s all open standards, so no one has to learn a new coding language.

Fleixble Agent Workspace: Whatever your support looks like, you can adjust Zendesk to fit your needs. From day one, your team can customize their support environment based on use case or channel. No code required.

Collaborate Across Teams: Give customers the most accurate answer by involving the right people in the conversation. Our products plug into your other internal tools — like Slack — to help ease the burden of an agent looking for answers.

Decide With Data: Metrics matter. They help you improve team performance, understand customer needs, and all that adds up to better customer experiences. The Support Suite lets you track interactions across channels.

Zendesk Sales Suite

The Sales Suite removes the difficulties of sales software so your team can focus on what really matters—building meaningful relationships and closing deals faster.

Be More Productive: With The Sales Suite, reps can quickly send emails with personalized templates, and immediately capture email conversations with leads and contacts. The best part is that reps can access everything from a single interface instead of switching between tabs and systems.

Find New Prospects: Reduce the headache of finding the ideal match. The Sales Suite makes it easier for reps to locate and organize new leads. Reps can build targeted lead lists from a database of 20 million companies and 395 million contacts. Here’s to building connections quickly.

Seize More Leads: Break free from the traditional way of finding a lead. Reps can create new leads from chat messages on your website. They receive the entire conversation so they’re always looped in from the start.

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