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When it comes to market analysis for a particular type of solution, most customers look for third party analyst reports from Gartner Group, Forrester Group, IDC, Aberdeen Group, Everest Group and so on who very scientifically analyze various vendors under that category based on criteria such as range of offering, market presence, depth of technology, financial strengths, user adoption, pace of innovation and so on. Analyst reports are usually unbiased and offer neutral views based on the facts presented which makes it easier while choosing any specific solutions.

All our OEM partners regularly feature among the best in their own category of products.


The Forrester Wave 2019 for Low Code Development Platforms - Mendix


About Siemens Mendix Forrester Group says:

“Mendix continues to advance the state of the art in low-code platforms for AD&D. Reference customers give the Mendix platform high marks. Mendix has expanded its features to manage the continuous integration development style, manage environments and application life cycles, and automate app deployment in part to respond to the needs of its new owner, Siemens, and biggest partner, SAP. These, and a partnership with IBM, set Mendix apart in this market. No other low-code vendor has big-vendor relationships that open so many prospect doors.”

The Forrester Wave 2019 for Internet of Things (IoT) - Mindsphere 


Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms - Mendix


Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 for Manufacturing Execution Systems - Siemens

Gartner-Mfg Execution Systems-Magic-Quad
synopsys logo.png

Undisputed Leader as per Analyst Reports

Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing 5 Years Running.

AST MQ 2020.png
AST MQ 2021.png



AST MQ 2019.jpg


AST MQ 2018.jpg


2021 Leader in Forrester Wave Report for Application Security Testing


2020 Leader in Forrester Wave Report for Sofware Composition Analysis

zendesk logo.png

The Forrester Wave 2019 for Customer Service Solutions

Zendesk in Forrester Wave 2019.jpg

Forrester Wave is an analysis of customer service solutions (for teams ranging from small to very large) 12 vendors, including Zendesk, on 33 criteria broken down into 3 categories:

  • Current Offering

  • Strategy

  • Market Presence.


Zendesk continues to be a Strong Performer with a large Market Presence in this Wave report..

Zendesk Strengths according to Forrester:

  • Straightforward to deploy, use & manage

  • Elegant agent desktop with productivity aids

  • Highly usable knowledge management, which is tightly integrated with chatbot

  • Special appeal to digital-first companies or companies investing in their digital operations

  • Offers native telephony

  • Support newer channels such as in-app messaging and SMS in addition to chat, email, and social

  • Power modern experiences with SDKs and APIs

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 for CRM Customer Engagement

Zendesk in Gartner MQ 2019.jpg

This is Zendesk's 4th straight year as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement.


Zendesk moved up from last year to be ahead of Microsoft and Oracle into the 3rd leadership position on the MQ graphic.

Zendesk is the only modern alternative in the leader quadrant; The rest are more traditional, legacy systems.


Gartner about Zendesk Strengths:

  1. Fastest growing customer base

  2. Pace of innovation

  3. Worldwide success

  4. Promotes user adoption

  5. Practical AI-capabilities with Answer Bot

  6. Public cloud solution with Sunshine

  7. Marketplace with 750 apps

  8. Only MQ vendor to provide native voice support

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