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Welcome to Sentio Technologies - a company specializing in offering New Age Digital Transformation Information Technology Solutions where you will never feel out of touch.


At Sentio we value our employees as our assets. We are ever eager to hire the brightest, sincere and hard working individuals who are looking to carve out a career and not just doing a job.


Sentio provides equal opportunity for growth to every employee irrespective of the color, ethnicity, status, preferences, gender, religion or nationality.

At Sentio we provide a great work environment by mixing work with ample amount of play. We truly believe a happy employee is more productive. Monthly birthday celebrations, performance citations and rewards, annual excursions with families, anniversary gifts .... we are always looking for excuses to celebrate work.


Sentio employees have free access to the company's management to freely express their views, suggestions and grievances without any fear. We take employee feedback very seriously.

On joining Sentio employees get an employee handbook which clearly states Company Policies to avoid any ambiguity leaving no scope for interpretations. If something is not there in the handbook, then it is not an existing policy (although policies may change from time to time to maintain a policy guidelines framework).

Sentio tries to offer compensation on par with similar sized organizations in the location of the employee.

Interested in joining our team? Please check the positions available and apply with your latest CV.

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